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Awards, Praise and Criticism

This site has about 6000 visitors a day and has been around since July, 1995. Magellan, WebCrawler, Cornucopia! and The Net all seem to like us. In 1999 Bass Player Magazine ranked us in their Top 10 Cool Web Sites:
    9. Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews. An extensive, well-written, remarkably informative site reviewing Pop, Funk, Latin, and Jazz albums from the '50s through the '90s.

And in the spring of 2001, Entertainment Weekly rated us a B+. That's not bad, considering they rate about a C- as a magazine.

We are well aware that writing 3263 record reviews for a semi-obscure web site is just plain crazy. And yes, we think we deserve a medal for it. Fan letters and other feedback would be appreciated. Flame letters are boring for everyone; instead, please give us specific suggestions for improving the site. Those who are too stupid to take a hint should see our flame writer's FAQ, which is full of juicy flame fodder.

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