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Wilson & Alroy's 10th Anniversary Logo Design Contest

Believe it or not, the tenth anniversary of Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews is fast approaching. That's right: ten years of unsubstantiated opinions, typos and blather. The site started in August 1995 as a tiny forum for Alroy to hold forth on the virtues and vicissitudes of a variety of 60s rock bands. Wilson joined shortly thereafter, and ten thousand Led Zeppelin flames later, we're still going strong.

To celebrate, we're rolling out a new look for the site: a cleaner layout; easier-to-read, easier-to-disagree-with text; and a new logo. The problem is, we have no artistic talent. That's where you come in. From now through the end of August (or so) we are soliciting new logo designs. Ideally, the logo would be about 480 by 60 pixels, and would contain the site name "Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews" and our immortal tagline, "We listen to the lousy records so you won't have to." In return, you will get a link from the main page, and our undying gratitude.

Please send all submissions to the following e-mail address:
We have a winner, submitted by Gridwerk Graphic Design - www.gridwerk.net - Philadelphia. Thanks to everyone who submitted or thought about submitting.

No, we haven't reviewed Ten Years After yet.

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