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What the heck is this site?

Glad you asked. This site includes lengthy, humorless reviews of about 5,000 records, with separate pages on several hundred artists. They are mostly the fault of John Alroy (JA) and David Bertrand Wilson (DBW). Jed Leigh Mosenfelder also contributed pages on the Meat Puppets and Sonic Youth. CLIFFE helped with the graphics.

New features gives the full rundown on all our latest record reviews. Here are some highlights: Our 2009 Year In Review page shows us up for the out-of-touch dweebs we are. We've got a list of artists we haven't reviewed, and why. You can cut to the chase and find out our top recommendations on our Five-Star Records page. And who says we're narrow minded? Our newest record review pages cover everything from Hollies to the Clash to Janelle Monáe to Gary Numan. If anyone can see a coherent theme in that little list, we'd love to hear about it.

Ready for one big whopping pile of record reviews? Check this out:

Just goes to show you what a pair of rock 'n' roll super-dweebs we are... despite all of this reviewing mania, we inexplicably believe that there's more to life. Like Top 20 lists. Here are some of our other pages:

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