Wilson & Alroy on High Fantasy Novels  

There's more to life than Tolkien. This site discusses the development of the high fantasy genre that includes Tolkien, ranging from the late 19th century through the mid 1970s. It contains book reviews by John Alroy (JA) and David Bertrand Wilson (DBW), in addition to a general introduction to the literature, a list of common themes in these novels, a chronological listing of the novels themselves, and a depressing catalog of the many works either already on my bookshelf or heading in that direction.

Our ratings of the books range from one star (so bad I can't finish reading it) to five stars (Lord Of The Rings, which is so overdiscussed I won't bother reviewing it; likewise The Hobbit, which I'd give four and a half stars).

Yeah, Wilson and Alroy are the record review guys. Gotta blame someone. (JA)

Authors reviewed on this site:
Poul Anderson - Arthurian Legends - Hannes Bok - James Branch Cabell - Joy Chant - Lord Dunsany - E. R. Eddison - Robert Heinlein - Robert E. Howard - Ursula K. Le Guin - David Lindsay - A. Merritt - Hope Mirrlees - Michael Moorcock - C. L. Moore - William Morris - Mervyn Peake - Fletcher Pratt - Clark Ashton Smith - J. R. R. Tolkien - Evangeline Walton - Roger Zelazny

Wilson's latest reviews:
Merritt, The Fox Woman & Other Stories - Merritt, The Metal Monster - Moore, Jirel Of Joiry

Alroy's latest reviews:
Poul Anderson, Three Hearts And Three Lions - P. M. Matarasso (translator), The Quest Of The Holy Grail - Evangeline Walton, The Children Of Llyr - Michael Moorcock, The Knight Of The Swords - Joy Chant, Red Moon And Black Mountain