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Solo Beatles

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George Harrison - John Lennon - Paul McCartney - Ringo Starr

Once you've been a Beatle, there's nowhere to go but down, right? Actually, some of the post-Beatles material is excellent, and a lot of the rest of it I haven't even heard. (DBW)

The question, though, is where to start. It's hard enough just to keep the discographies straight. So rather than lump all of the Beatles' solo records onto one page as we did previously, we've now split each Beatles' catalogue onto a separate page, maintaining this one as a joint discography and master list of links. All four pages are still works in progress; there are so many solo Beatles records that it's impossible to review everything. The good news is that the discography we provide here is reasonably trustworthy, since it's based on published sources. The only thing we're worried about is the exact ordering of albums that were released in the same year; in some cases we had to guess about that.

Note: you may notice that both of us are more familiar with early- and mid-70s records than anything else. Please accept our humble apologies - and yes, we think Macca's post-Beatles work is badly under-rated.

Another note: linked titles have been reviewed and rated; unlinked titles in bold are records we haven't yet reviewed. However, the appropriate pages usually do contain some useful information about unreviewed albums. (JA)

Music From "The Family Way" (George Martin: 1967)

Wonderwall Music (Harrison: 1968)

Two Virgins (Lennon/Ono: 1968)

Life With The Lions (Lennon/Ono: 1969)

Electronic Sound (Harrison: 1969)

The Wedding Album (Lennon/Ono: 1969)

Live Peace In Toronto '69 (Lennon: 1969)

McCartney (McCartney: 1970)

Sentimental Journey (Starr: 1970)

Beaucoups Of Blues (Starr: 1970)

All Things Must Pass (Harrison: 1970)

Plastic Ono Band (Lennon: 1970)

Ram (McCartney: 1971)

Imagine (Lennon: 1971)

Wild Life (McCartney: 1971)

Concert For Bangladesh (Harrison: 1972)

Sometime in New York City (Lennon: 1972)

Red Rose Speedway (McCartney: 1973)

Living In The Material World (Harrison: 1973)

Mind Games (Lennon: 1973)

Band On The Run (McCartney: 1973)

Walls And Bridges (Lennon: 1974)

Goodnight Vienna (Starr: 1974)

Dark Horse (Harrison: 1974)

Rock 'N' Roll (Lennon: 1975)

Venus And Mars (McCartney: 1975)

Extra Texture (Harrison: 1975)

Wings At The Speed Of Sound (McCartney: 1976)

Ringo's Rotogravure (Starr: 1976)

Wings Over America (McCartney: 1976)

Thirty-Three & 1/3 (Harrison: 1976)

Ringo The 4th (Starr: 1977)

London Town (McCartney: 1978)

Bad Boy (Starr: 1978)

George Harrison (Harrison: 1979)

Back To The Egg (McCartney: 1979)

McCartney II (McCartney: 1980)

Double Fantasy (Lennon/Ono: 1980)

Somewhere In England (Harrison: 1981)

Stop And Smell The Roses (Starr: 1981)

Tug Of War (McCartney: 1982)

Gone Troppo (Harrison: 1982)

Pipes Of Peace (McCartney: 1983)

Old Wave (Starr: 1983)

Milk and Honey (Lennon/Ono: 1984)

Give My Regards To Broad Street (McCartney: 1984)

Live In New York City (Lennon: 1986)

Menlove Avenue (Lennon: 1986)

Press To Play (McCartney: 1986)

Cloud 9 (Harrison: 1987)

Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (Harrison et al.: 1988)

Flowers In The Dirt (McCartney: 1989)

Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band (Starr: 1989)

Tripping The Live Fantastic (McCartney: 1990)

Back In The USSR (McCartney: 1991)

Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3 (Harrison et al.: 1991)

Unplugged (McCartney: 1991)

Liverpool Oratorio (McCartney: 1991)

Time Takes Time (Starr: 1992)

Live From Montreux (Starr: 1992)

Dark Horse Live In Japan (Harrison: 1993)

Off The Ground (McCartney: 1993)

Paul Is Live (McCartney: 1993)

Flaming Pie (McCartney: 1997)

I know you've heard it before...

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