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Year In Review: 1963

Rock and roll was still a singles medium at this point; US LP charts were dominated by the likes of Andy Williams and comedian Allen Sherman, who hit the top of the charts twice during 1963. But there were signs of change: Little Stevie Wonder topped single and LP charts with a breakthrough live recording; and folkies Peter, Paul & Mary became the first of many acts to have success with songs written by Bob Dylan. Dylan himself produced the year's best album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

Other artists who would dominate the mid and late 60s were just finding their way: the Beatles released their first two LP's, though neither was available in the States yet: Please Please Me was enjoyable if trivial, while With The Beatles started to reveal their formidable songwriting talent. The Beach Boys were a huge commercial success, but their album releases were inconsistent: Surfer Girl was the best of three albums charting during the year. The Motown machine was also far from its peak: the best effort coming from Detroit was Mary Wells' Two Lovers. James Brown had his first major crossover success with his thrilling Live At The Apollo, while fellow Georgian Otis Redding struggled with his debut, Pain In My Heart.

The jazz album of the year was John Coltrane's Impressions. (DBW

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