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Year In Review: 1964

Clichéd but true: in February, the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, setting off the British Invasion of the USA and revitalizing rock and roll. Besides topping the charts with their 1963 releases, the Fab Four released two new LP's, the strong A Hard Day's Night and the hurried Beatles For Sale. But the US wasn't giving up without a fight: our highest rated records for the year are the Beach Boys' All Summer Long, two impressive releases from Dionne Warwick, Anyone Who Had A Heart and Make Way For Dionne Warwick, and the Supremes' breakthrough Where Did Our Love Go?. Motown also produced Mary Wells' finest effort, My Guy, and Bob Dylan dumped protest music on Another Side of Bob Dylan.

A host of Brit bands tried to cash in on the Beatles' success, but most of them weren't ready: the Yardbirds and Kinks released lackluster efforts, and even the Rolling Stones weren't much better. Back in the USA, corporate greed led to several Beach Boys cash-ins; the worst was Concert.

It was an excellent year for jazz recordings; the best were Herbie Hancock's Empyrean Isles and Eric Dolphy's Out To Lunch. (DBW)

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